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    3 products
    JustResin UV - UV Resin 30ml
    JustResin UV - UV Resin 200ml by Just Resin | Epoxy Resin Art Supplies
    JustResin UV - UV Resin 200ml
    Ultra Violet LED Torch - UV Resin Curing Torch by Just Resin | Epoxy Resin Art Supplies
    Ultra Violet LED Torch - UV Resin Curing Torch by Just Resin | Epoxy Resin Art Supplies
    Ultra Violet LED Torch - UV Resin Curing Torch
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    UV Resin

    There are a number of quality epoxy resin products at Just Resin, one of them being UV resin. At our online shop, you can search for items that will let your home or studio craft project stand out from the rest. Instead of using oil pastel, acrylic paint, and graphite pencils as art supplies, try a unique experience as our expert team can equip you with options like UV resin. 

    With us, you can count on casting and curing solutions that are fit for any type of person. Whether you are someone who is picking up art for the first time or an experienced crafter experimenting with a new medium—our wide array of epoxy resin listings will certainly be more than enough for you to work with. 

    The items and accessories from Just Resin are not only easily accessible, but competitively priced as well. This is because we want you to have a pleasant experience when shopping for anything epoxy resin-related in our online shop. Here, you won’t have to spend hours comparing brand names for compatibility and value. Simply buy one product and know that it will work well with our other offerings. 

    Browse through our catalog to create and design crafts based on your personal preference. Choose from pigment pastes that can color multiple liters of UV liquid resin, DIY resin molds that keep supervised model kid’s projects consistent, two part epoxy resin that provides stronger adhesion bonds, and much, much more. 

    You can even purchase our quality starter kits as a convenient product for both beginners and experts. With this resin making kit, you won’t have to go through the process of picking out specific epoxy resin, pigments, and tools. All you’ll need are some free time and this product bundle, then you’ll be able to turn your resin ideas into a reality. 

    Shop online now at Just Resin to enjoy versatile solutions you can use for all sorts of art pieces and home improvement. Navigate through our guides and learn about things to make with epoxy resin

    What is UV resin? 

    When it comes to the active mixtures we offer at Just Resin, UV resin is one of our more advanced options. As opposed to a standard clear epoxy resin that uses hardener and thinner solutions in its overall composition, epoxy UV resin only utilizes ultraviolet rays that come from an irradiation device such as a flashlight or lamp. 

    To learn more about the nature of this special material, here are some simple instructions on how to use UV resin kits:

    1. Plan out your project by preparing the resin accessories needed. Keep items like the mold, UV resin mixture, and UV light beside you at all times for an easier time crafting.
    2. Set the mold on a sturdy table in a well-ventilated room. We recommend that you also work on a placemat or towel for easy cleaning and so that the mold does not accidentally slip.
    3. Carefully squeeze and push out the UV resin mixture into the mold. Mix in the color slowly and work in layers to keep bubbles from forming. 
    4. Use a heat gun or even a lighter and move it across the mixture in a circular motion. This step helps bubbles stuck in the middle rise up and pop before you start the curing process.
    5. Shine the UV light on the surface of the mixture until it gets hard. Take note that this may take a couple of tries your first time around, so don’t be afraid to try and try again.

    With just a few steps, you can create UV resin jewelry and decor that you can display! Practice often and always have stock on hand by buying at Just Resin. 

    What are the advantages of UV resin? 

    There are a number of reasons why artists and designers choose UV resin as their go-to medium. Listed below are some advantages of using UV resin for your arts and crafts project. 

    • Water resistance. Much like other variants, UV resin boasts strong resistance to water. This means that you can add small trinkets or items in your mold then have them be well encapsulated and resistant to outside moisture and liquids.
    • Fewer accidental cures. Since the only factor that causes this type of resin to cure is direct UV light, there would be fewer accidental cures. It no longer is a race against time as you just have to shine the light whenever you’re ready for your project to harden. 
    • Short curing time. Aside from the UV light aspect giving you more control over when your project hardens, it also provides less waiting time. Instead of waiting for a couple of days for a full cure, you can even enjoy your UV resin products on the same day you crafted them. 

    Buy UV resin now from our online shop and discover a new side to resin making. Invest in Just Resin today and craft anything you want. 

    How long does it take for UV resin to dry?

    One of the greatest strengths of UV resin is the fact that it cures faster than its traditional counterpart. This means that you can spend less time waiting for the results and more time appreciating your masterpiece. 

    Generally, it takes anywhere from 15 to 20 minutes to fully cure a small UV resin piece. However, there are still multiple factors that could affect the quality and speed of the curing process. For instance, the strength of the UV light could cause the project to harden faster, but it could also cause overcuring if you’re not careful. 

    For the best results, we recommend that you do not leave the mixture-filled mold unattended under the UV light and that you cure piece by piece if you’re working on a larger-sized crafts project. 

    Visit Just Resin now and choose us as your dedicated epoxy resin supplier. Stop searching for ‘art resin cheap’ on your search engine and browse through our online shop for great-value offers. Buy resin products from us today and enjoy benefits like speedy international shipping!