Metallic Pigment Powders

Brighten your projects with metallic pigments

Metallic pigment powders deliver a level of sophistication to your piece, with their unique richness enhancing the look of any artwork. From bright golds and silver to fiery coppers, these shades illuminate and add dimension to your pieces.

Whether you’re producing wall art, jewelry, ornaments or beautiful decorative accents, our metallic pigments are designed to give your piece that missing edge. If you want a unique look that lasts, our quality epoxy powders pair beautifully with inks, glitters and other mediums.

Inspired to give your pour that shimmer and sparkle effect? Discover how our range can instantly lift the appearance of your work.

Using metallic epoxy pigment to achieve stunning effects

We aim to provide our customers with products that help to achieve stunning effects. We love to see the creative process unfold with this unique medium – that’s why we’re more than willing to guide budding artists in the right direction and supply them with quality materials across the World.

We have a variety of shades available in our metallic pigment range, including:

  • Golds
  • Bronze
  • Aluminum
  • Copper
  • Ruby

The great thing about our products is that you only need to use a small amount at a time, which means they will last and allow you to experiment with how much you need to get the desired.

The possibilities are endless

Everything from patinas to speckles can be achieved from the comfort of your studio. We encourage you to give it a go and see what emerges. Our team is always on hand to advise you on using any of our resin art supplies, so feel free to be bold and experiment. If you’re new to the process, try pairing a vivid hue with our resin starter kit to get the most out of your project - they’re so easy to use and infuse!

Each item we stock is purchased with you, our customer, in mind. We only source quality supplies for our customers as we believe whatever art items are being used should create the best results. Whether you're a beginner or a professional artist, we want you to have access to premium stock. We not only stock items that add texture and color to your creations, but also tools and adhesives to help you complete your task.

Browse through our website and discover affordable prices to suit any sized budget. Once you have placed your order, it will be sent out to you quickly, making its way to your doorstep or studio so you can start your artistic creations.