Two Part Epoxy

Two Part Epoxy Resin

Nowadays, two part epoxy resin has become a popular product for those who are interested in arts and crafts and home improvement. More and more people are looking for this versatile material, but with all the options out there on the internet, finding a great-value two-component epoxy can be quite difficult. 

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What is two part epoxy resin? 

Two part epoxy resin (also known as two pack epoxy resin) is a liquid solution that is stronger and more durable than its all-in-one counterpart. Typically, this product consists of Part A, the resin base, and Part B, the hardener. Separating the two parts in different containers makes it so that there is no chance of curing as chemical reactions cannot occur when the solutions are not in contact with each other. 

However, when the two parts mix, the epoxy adhesive can be used on a number of different things. Here are some sample projects you can do when you have this type of resin. 

Timber resin table

Make a beautiful water-resistant river pour table with two part wood resins. 

With this project, a wooden table with distinct natural crevices is sanded down. Afterward, resin is poured into the crevices and on the top surface of the table. Lastly, the whole piece is then left to cure in a safe place. The end result of this process is a dazzling table with a transparent coating. 

Garage concrete lining

Give your garage concrete floor a shiny coating with two part epoxy resin. 

As one of the strongest adhesives, epoxy resin can make it so that the surface layer of the concrete does not crumble. This is perfect for your car park as the weight of your vehicle could cause the floor to crack over time. Instead of letting this happen, you can invest in epoxy resin and start laminating the concrete floor for protection.

How to use two part epoxy resin? 

Using any of our epoxy resin options is an extremely easy task anyone can do. Simply follow the instructions below until the whole epoxy resin two part process becomes second nature to you. 

  1. Gather all the equipment required for the project you have in mind. Place the pigments, stirrers, and containers near your work area for ease of use. 
  2. Fill up two separate containers with Part A (resin) and Part B (hardener). Keep in mind that the viscosity and ratio of the parts vary depending on the type of two part epoxy resin you have chosen. 
  3. Allow the stirrer tip to touch the pigment and then apply the small amount to the container with Part A. Mix the solution well until the color spreads out evenly.
  4. For three minutes, stir both parts in their corresponding containers. Afterward, combine both of them in another container and then mix again until they become homogeneous. 
  5. Pour the chemically active mixture on your desired surface. Make sure to pop any visible bubbles before you leave the project to cure and solidify.

With just simple steps, you have now learned how to use two part epoxy resin. Join the Just Resin community today and leave a testimonial on our online shop so that we know how you feel about our products. 

How long does two part epoxy resin take to cure?

After you finish casting your two part epoxy resin, it will typically take about a week or more for a full cure. However, listed below are some factors that could increase or decrease the curing time. 

  • Resin viscosity. One of the main factors that affect curing time is resin viscosity. As heat is generated during the curing process, the thicker the layer of epoxy resin, the more exothermic heat will affect it. Therefore, the faster it would cure.
  • Water vapor. Locations with high humidity or water vapor not only cause projects to cure slower, but also affect the overall resin quality. For the best results, store your work in a place with low moisture. 
  • Cold temperature. Too cold of a temperature impedes the two part epoxy resin curing process. With this, we recommend that you keep all your projects in a 22 to 25 degree Celsius room.

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