Resin Ideas

694 products

    694 products
    Resin Mixing Tray
    100ml Mixing Trays - 10pk
    30ml (1oz) Candy Ink - Individual
    30ml (1oz) Candy Ink - Set of 11
    30ml (1oz) Fluorescent Ink - Individual
    30ml (1oz) Fluorescent Ink - Set of 8
    30ml (1oz) Metallic Ink - Individual
    30ml Mixing Trays - 20pk
    7ml Mixing Trays - 30pk
    Acacia - Basic Epoxy Pigment Paste
    Almond - Luster Epoxy Pigment Paste
    Almond - Luster Powder Pigment
    Aluminium - Metallic Epoxy Pigment Paste
    Aluminium - Metallic Powder Pigment by Just Resin | Epoxy Resin Art Supplies
    Aluminium - Metallic Powder Pigment
    Amazonite Crystal Chips 250gm (8.8oz)
    Amethyst Crystal Chips 250gm (8.8oz)
    Amethyst Violet Glass Fragments 250gm (8.8oz)
    Apricot - Basic Epoxy Pigment Paste
    Aqua Aura Quartz Crystal Points 100gm (3.52oz)
    Aquamarine - Luster Epoxy Pigment Paste
    ARC - Eco Casting Mini Starter Kit
    ARC - Water Based Casting Resin - 1.75kg Kit
    ARC - Water Based Casting Resin - 3.5kg Kit
    ARC - Water Based Casting Resin - 7kg Kit
    ARC Pigment - Aqua Green
    ARC Pigment - Black
    ARC Pigment - Green
    ARC Pigment - Mulberry
    ARC Pigment - Navy Blue
    ARC Pigment - Neon Blue
    ARC Pigment - Neon Green
    ARC Pigment - Neon Magenta
    ARC Pigment - Neon Orange
    ARC Pigment - Neon Pink
    ARC Pigment - Neon Purple
    ARC Pigment - Neon Red
    ARC Pigment - Neon Yellow
    ARC Pigment - Ocean Blue
    ARC Pigment - Orange
    ARC Pigment - Red
    ARC Pigment - Red Wine

    Resin Ideas

    Browsing through all the art forums online or visiting your local gallery can give you tons and tons of resin ideas. Resin has become an increasingly popular medium these days, with many artists and craftsmen giving it a try. However, with the wide range of resin craft supplies out there on the market, finding quality deals at a fair price can almost seem impossible. 

    Well, Just Resin comes bearing good news for arts and crafts enthusiasts all around the globe. Instead of spending hours on your search engine looking for products that will let you act on your resin ideas, why not take advantage of a reliable one-stop shop that will always provide you with excellent materials at reasonable prices?

    On top of this, we also pride ourselves on our informative content and responsive customer support. You can browse through our comprehensive guides, view our Project Compatibility Chart, and reach out to our expert team of artists through the “Contact Us” form at our online shop or simply send us an email at

    Whether you are handling multiple UV resin jewelry projects in New Zealand or perhaps using pigment pastes and other epoxy resin colors for your beautiful river pour table in Australia—we are certain you can benefit from our written resources and line of premium products. 

    We have even made it extremely easy for you if you’re just starting to take an interest in this fun hobby. Our expert team of artists has thought of some general things to make with epoxy resin and has picked out all the essential items to make starter kits. This way, you won’t feel overwhelmed with all the information and listings online. Just invest in our resin making kit, read the detailed instructions, and then create resin projects for beginners. 

    Buy some of the best epoxy resin items and tools here at Just Resin. Keep your unique resin ideas coming, then make handmade masterpieces your clients and friends will surely love. 

    What are resins used for? 

    There are a number of simple and creative applications for epoxy resin. Check out some of the resin DIY projects below and use them as inspiration to make your own resin ideas. 

    • Pour art. You can make beautiful pour art using some high-quality color pastes and clear resin for crafts. This is one of the easiest applications as once you’ve mixed the active solution, all you have to do is pour it on the surface of the canvas.
    • Resin coasters. Glass coasters are one of the many resin casting ideas. Simply mix the epoxy resin with bold, solid pigments and then leave it in a mold for a few days. Afterward, you can easily pop the final product out and enjoy it straight away.
    • Home decor. If you are looking to add a little more personality into your living space, then you should really consider making home decor in the form of cool ornaments. You can either hang them on your door or display them on your coffee table.
    • Woodwork. Wood and resin projects are some of the most satisfying. With resin crafts ideas like this, you can coat a wooden tabletop or make a rustic-looking container to store all sorts of items. 

    Train your crafting skills with Just Resin products. Take any idea from this list or perhaps even from a tutorial on our online shop.

    How to make resin art? 

    Transforming your resin ideas into resin art is very simple. In fact, all you’ll need is a Just Resin kit and some time to practice. Follow the steps and tips below to make personal projects or resin gifts for your nearest and dearest. 

    1. Bring out all the essential materials and set them on your work table. Have plastic cups, pigment pastes, and stirring sticks right by you for convenience. 
    2. Prepare the solutions by pouring Part A (resin) and Part B (hardener) into two separate cups. Note that ratios vary for each product—some options won’t even require you to mix two parts. 
    3. Add your colorants into the Part A solution and then stir thoroughly. Stir also Part B using a different stirring stick.
    4. Combine the two parts into another clean cup and then stir for three minutes. It is important to mention that once the two parts touch, the curing process begins. 
    5. Pour the combined solution into a mold, canvas, or any surface of your choosing. We recommend that you place a non-stick work mat underneath for easier cleanup.
    6. Pop the bubbles by poking them with a toothpick or making them rise up with a flame torch or heat gun. Once the solution is free of bubbles, let it cure. Once fully cured, you can then appreciate your handiwork.

    Shop online now at Just Resin and never run out of materials after a crafting session.

    What supplies do I need to make resin art?

    Purchasing the right supplies for your resin ideas is crucial as these will set you up for success. Invest in a kit from Just Resin or buy the following items separately to make all kinds of resin art: 

    • Resin for crafting. The products from Just Resin are incredibly easy to use and are great for beginners to resin crafting. You just need to follow the included instructions for the right measurements. 
    • Liquid inks. Our array of inks is great for dyeing clear epoxy resin. Utilize this colorant type if you want to work with a low viscosity liquid perfect for tinting your resin.
    • Pigment pastes. As a thicker colorant type, pigment pastes can be applied in small amounts for big results. Make use of this type of epoxy resin color if you want to create custom blends or effects.
    • Tools. To handle colorants and resin solutions with ease, you need tools like stirring sticks, mixing cups, gloves, and non-stick work mats. Not only do these tools make the process easier, but they also protect your area from stains.

    Don’t just keep your brilliant resin ideas in your head—scroll through Just Resin today and find the right crafts products for you. Order now and enjoy ultra-fast shipping worldwide!