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Pigment Powder for Resin

If you want to enhance your project, our stock of pigment powder for resin is the way to go. With strong, vibrant, and bold dust as one of the tools in your art arsenal, you’ll surely be able to make incredible creations. Simply use our Just Resin powders and sprinkle more personality into your art projects!

Applying a translucent, acrylic finish onto your homeware? If so, then you should consider mixing our epoxy tint powder into the mixture. How about matching the color of your furniture with your backsplash and appliances? There are many ways you can use our pigment powder for resin to brighten up your home.

If you would rather make a creative craft project as opposed to a home improvement project, you can simply buy our two-part epoxy solution and mix in some of our quality pigment powder to create beautiful resin art, such as preserving flowers in a softly colored frame and creating a paperweight based on your design preferences. 

The applications of pigment powder for epoxy have no limits. All you have to do is order the supplies you need at Just Resin and be on your way to making stunning masterpieces that will last for years. We even provide beginner-friendly starter kits if you’re looking to slowly enter the hobby at a pace that’s comfortable for you. With this resin-making kit, you can practice and learn as you go. 

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How to choose the best powder pigments? 

Whether you are an experienced artist or an epoxy newbie, choosing the best pigment powder for resin will potentially set your work apart from the rest. Take the following factors into consideration before buying so you can make an informed decision. 

  • Vibrance. Plan ahead of time by choosing a resin color pigment option that pairs nicely with your ideal project. If you’re aiming for a bright neon look, then go for fluorescent powders. On the other hand, if you’re looking for subtle tones, then you should pick pastel powders. 
  • Potency. There’s nothing worse than using an entire pigment powder tin on just one project. With this, you should be purchasing a product that can color a whole liter of resin with just a small amount.
  • Consistency. When it comes to color additives, not all powders are created equal. Some could have a fine grind while others clump together easily. Select a consistency that allows you to mix and sprinkle with ease. 
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    What are the benefits of using powder pigments? 

    Dry powder provides unique benefits when compared to a liquid epoxy resin paste. Below are the three main reasons artists all around the world invest in pigment powder for resin.

  • Easier storage. Generally, pigment powders are stored in short metal tins rather than tall bottles. This aspect makes for easier storage and is especially beneficial for those who do not have a lot of space at home or in the art studio.
  • Longer shelf life. Pigment powder for resin has a longer shelf life as you need liquid to activate its coloring properties. With this, you can worry less about being compromised since it does not have components that could deteriorate quickly. 
  • Versatility. If you plan on making multiple types of projects, then you’d be pleased to hear that pigment powders have loads of applications. You can make just about anything as this powder is compatible with all types of resins, paints, and nail lacquers.
  • Join us here at Just Resin to enjoy these benefits and much, much more. Buy from us today and experience the future of arts and crafts. 


    How to mix powder pigment into resin?

    The process of mixing pigment powder for resin is as easy as one-two-three. Follow the short and simple instructions below to bring your creative craft ideas to life. 

    1. Start by moving a stirring stick or spoon across the pigment powder inside the tin. This will break apart any visible lumps that have formed. 
    2. Add a small amount of resin into a container and stir your selected pigment powder into it. Once it is fully incorporated, add the remaining clear epoxy solution so that the mixture is once again liquid and pourable. Then stir some more. Doing this will prevent pockets of powder from forming—causing an even spread throughout the epoxy resin mixture.
    3. Once thoroughly mixed, use the colored resin solution on your project of choice. You can either pour it in an intricate silicon mold or perhaps coat a smooth wood surface. 

    Using powdered pigments for epoxy is that simple. Visit Just Resin to experiment with pigment power and maybe even combine it with other pigment types.

    Shop now as we have more options similar to pigment powder for resin. For instance, we have dry glitter additives and an extensive collection of liquid epoxy resin colors you can choose from. More specifically, we have competitively priced pigment pastes that are perfect for opaque UV resin jewelry and a range of inks that can quickly color polyurethane resin mixtures.

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