Things to Make with Epoxy Resin

Things to Make with Epoxy Resin 

Strolling through your local art gallery or surfing through crafting forums can give you an idea about what things to make with epoxy resin. This versatile material has become a commonly used medium and is now the community’s favorite due to the wide array of benefits it provides. However, with all the resin crafts to sell, coming across high-quality offers at a fair market price can be extremely difficult.

Well, don’t fret as there’s good news for everyone interested in arts and crafts. Just Resin is open to all countries around the globe—carrying competitively priced DIY resin products for both beginners and experienced crafters. Rather than scouring the web for solutions that may or may not let your resin ideas come to life, why not take advantage of our reliable online shop? 

Browse through our wide collection and check out all the supplies you need for your project. You can also utilize our informative guides and excellent customer service to know more about things to make with epoxy resin. For instance, our Project Compatibility Chart is one of the many online tools that tell you which specific type of craft epoxy resin you should be using. 

Having access to such resources will allow you to pick out and buy materials that will work for you. Whether it be premium UV resin for fast curing times, polyurethane resin for added heat protection, vivid pigment pastes and epoxy resin colors for extra personality—you will certainly find what you’re looking for at Just Resin. 

We even have well-put-together starter kits so you won’t have to prepare as much when you create some of your first resin projects for beginners. All you have to do to turn your resin craft ideas into reality is order our bundle, read the instructions, and then start crafting.

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What is epoxy resin? 

Before you can think about all the fun things to make with epoxy resin, it is important to know its chemical properties and attributes first. This way, you’ll know what to expect when you start making your resin DIY project. 

At its core, epoxy resin is a kind of polymer that is used by a number of industries—not just in the world of arts and crafts. It typically comes as two separate solutions: Part A (resin) and Part B (hardener). These components are then mixed together to make one active mixture that adheres well to just about any surface. 

A chemical reaction then takes place and causes the combined solution to solidify over time. Getting to this stage can be tricky at first and may require some practice. Humidity and measurement errors may cause curing issues. However, after you successfully cure your project, you can expect to enjoy an art piece or coated surface that is shiny, durable, and water-resistant. 

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What can you make with epoxy resin? 

There are countless things to make with epoxy resin. Explore all the possibilities and perhaps get inspired by the list of projects below. 

  • Pour art. Looking to make a stunning masterpiece that will go above your living room couch? Consider creating resin artwork by letting epoxy drip onto a white art board. Once it’s cured, the epoxy will be glossy and clear, adding a touch of elegance to your home.
  • Homeware. Avoid getting water stains on your wood countertops by spreading an even layer of epoxy resin onto the surface of the table. You can even replicate this process for cup coasters, paperweights, keyrings, bookmarks, serving trays, serving boards, and other housewares.
  • Stylish jewelry. Instead of buying name-brand jewelry from well-known retail stores, you can make a personalized version using a silicone mold. Add some glitter and flowers into the translucent mixture to give your jewelry a unique appearance. 
  • Festive ornaments. If you’re tired of flimsy yet expensive glass baubles breaking when they hit the floor, then you should make your own with homemade resin. They’ll surely be stronger and cheaper than generic options, and you can even decorate them to match the year’s color theme.

Your imagination is the limit when it comes to things to make with epoxy resin. Purchase our premium products today and simply come back to the Just Resin online shop whenever you need to replenish your supplies.

How long does epoxy resin take to cure?

Different types of resin have different curing times. At Just Resin, we offer a wide range of resins with different curing times to suit your needs. Please refer to our Project Helper to find the right resin for your project.

Depending on the amount of epoxy resin and the environmental factors (temperature, humidity) at play, curing could take anywhere from 15 minutes to 30 days (for our WaterCote). For the best results, our expert team of artists at Just Resin recommends the following:

  1. Keep your room temperature at about 22 to 25 degrees Celsius. Anything lower or higher than this could potentially cause longer curing times. 
  2. Maintain low levels of humidity not just when you create your project but also when you store it. Moisture during curing will not only prolong the hardening process, but could also compromise your project’s quality. 
  3. Make sure to apply thin coats or work in layers—especially if you’re handling UV resin. This will give the epoxy a better opportunity to cure as more parts of the solution will be exposed to the air or irradiation device. 

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