DIY Resin Molds

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    87 products
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    Dirty Pour Split Cup 2 channel - Silicone Reusable Cup
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    Silicone Mixing Sticks - Set of 3 - Cool
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    Irregular Round Tray / Dish Silicone Mold
    Human Body - Athletic Feminine Silicone Mold
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    Rectangle Tray Silicone Mold
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    Trinket Tray Silicone Mould
    Round Coaster Silicone Mold 12.5cm
    Arch Tray Medium Silicone Mould
    Mini Vase Silicone Mold
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    Hamsa Hand Trinket Tray Silicone Mold
    Mini Vase Contemporary Round Silicone Mould

    DIY Resin Molds 

    As someone who takes interest in art, you might have heard that DIY resin molds are one of the countless epoxy tools you can utilize to get creative. These reusable molds are used by crafters of all skill levels as they are extremely easy to use. They are typically made with silicone so that you can easily pop out the cured resin and admire your masterpiece.

    If you are looking for craft supplies like food-grade silicone rubber to make your own molds, then Just Resin is the online shop for you. At our store, you can scroll through different categories and buy everything you need for your current or future projects. Whether you are investing in our versatile two-part epoxy mix or our stand-out epoxy resin colors—you will surely have full artistic control here at Just Resin. 

    In fact, crafting with quality products has been made oh so simple as we have multiple resources at your disposal. You can navigate through our sitemap at the bottom of our homepage and find information about pigment pastes, polyurethane resin, UV resin, and much more. 

    We even have beginner-friendly starter kits perfect for those who want to explore epoxy resin but want to do minimal research. With this bundle, everyone around the world can get their hands on reasonably priced resin craft essentials that will allow them to start enjoying the hobby with ease. Just order our resin making kit, read the instructions included, then start mixing and creating in no time. 

    Want personalized assistance regarding any of our products? Don’t hesitate to send us a message using the “Contact Us” form on our website or send us an email at

    We are more than happy to help you with your specific concerns as we are art enthusiasts ourselves. With this, the members running our support line make sure to reply as fast as possible so that you can spend less time waiting and more time crafting at home or in your studio. 

    Check out Just Resin today so you can mix, pour, and mold to your heart’s content! 

    How to make a resin mold? 

    Making DIY resin molds is half of the fun and can feel very therapeutic. Follow the steps below to create functional or aesthetic art pieces. 

    1. Whether you invested in a silicone or putty epoxy mold material, mix the two separate parts together thoroughly. Generally, these parts would be the base substance and the hardener. 
    2. With a careful hand, cover or coat the item you want to replicate. Keep in mind that there shouldn’t be a complete seal as you need to pull out the item once the solution dries. 
    3. Wait for the material to set and harden, then cut the excess pieces of mold that stuck to the back surface of the item. Doing this will allow you to remove the replicated item easier.
    4. Take your time and gently remove the item—ensuring that the internal form or imprint stays intact. Remove any visible debris from the mold and then get ready for the resin to be poured. 

    After completing the last step, you can now use your fully functional DIY silicone mold or DIY clay mold. Just make sure to store it in a sturdy container so that surrounding objects won’t accidentally flatten it. 

    What can resin molds be used for? 

    With a little bit of inspiration and time, DIY resin molds can be used to make a number of things. Here are some examples of what resin mold making can do. 

    • Office supplies holder. Add some personality to your desk by crafting an office supplies holder. Brighten up your workspace and have easy access to items like glue sticks, sign pens, and paperclips.
    • Picture frame. Don’t just keep your precious memories in boring picture frames. Instead of getting a generic option at the store, why not make your own and perhaps even a specialized one for a friend?
    • Jewelry case. Beautiful fashion pieces should also be kept in beautiful places. Make a jewelry case for your necklaces, earrings, and rings to keep them free from dust. You can even use clear liquid silicone resin to admire the pieces while the case is closed. 

    Buy DIY mold for resin today from our online shop. Visit the Just Resin social media platforms now and show our art community your creations. 

    How to clean a resin mold after use?

    Cleaning DIY resin molds is simple—you won’t even need special accessories for the process. Complete the steps below to keep any type of epoxy mold material looking and feeling brand new. 

    First, begin by removing the hardened residual casting resin from the crevices of the mold. Take note that smaller sizes of DIY resin molds with intricate patterns would most likely have more buildup over time. 

    Next, once all the debris has been removed, fill a large container with equal parts of liquid soap and water. Afterward, agitate the mixture with your fingers until bubbles start to appear. At this point, refrain from using harsh solutions like multifunctional foam spray cleaners as an alternative. This is because the chemicals inside could degrade the mold material. 

    Lastly, carefully place your DIY silicone mold or your DIY clay mold into the container with soapy water. Slowly rub your fingertips in the crevices to ensure that each part of the internal surface comes in contact with the cleaning mixture. Then, take the mold out and leave it upside down to drain and air-dry. 

    That’s all there is to it! 

    Now that you know more about DIY resin molds, shop online now at Just Resin for all your arts and crafts needs. Buy our high-quality epoxy resin products today and use them to practice and refine your skills.