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    Resin Art Starter Kit - Classic

    Resin Making Kit

    Get creative and bring your artwork to life by purchasing the resin making kit at Just Resin. With this combination of resin supplies and resin accessories, you can take a break from traditional art mediums. Instead of limiting yourself to painting, sewing, and other forms of needlework, how about you branch out and master resin casting? 

    Here at Just Resin, we are passionate about all things related to epoxy, and as a result, we have made it our mission to make it more accessible to the world. To accomplish this, our expert team of artists has set up an online shop where you can conveniently buy different types of resin. From thick two part epoxy to thin polyurethane resin, our extensive collection will surely have the appropriate mixture for your ideal project. 

    With us, it has become easier for those interested in arts and crafts to get into epoxy resin as a hobby. This is because beginners can avail of our quality starter kits filled with all the materials and tools required to create a beautiful masterpiece. Just purchase our resin making kit then pour, cure, and mold right away. 

    However, if you want to browse through our listings and buy our products individually, you are also welcome to do so. Choose from our UV resin jewelry making options or perhaps utilize our silicone or latex DIY resin molds to ensure consistent duplicates when you craft home decor. 

    If you have any questions related to things to make with epoxy resin, simply send us a message on the “Contact Us” section of our online platform or email us at You can also check out our comprehensive guides, our FAQs, and even our Project Compatibility Chart for all the information you need. 

    Order today and stock up on the supplies available at Just Resin. 

    What does a resin making kit consist of? 

    You will receive a number of premium supplies when you order a resin making kit from our online shop. Listed below are some of the products we place in our resin kits. 

    • Multipurpose epoxy. The primary component inside our resin art starter kit is the multipurpose epoxy. With this, you will typically find two separate solutions in the package—Part A (resin) and Part B (hardener).
    • Viscous pigments. This kind of epoxy coloring agent is used if you want your project to appear solid and bold, rather than translucent. Keep in mind that since these pigment pastes are concentrated, a small dab will suffice.
    • Liquid inks. Liquid inks are used if you want to retain some of the clear, glass properties of epoxy resin. Incorporate this coloring agent well for an even hue or mix it partially for a swirly design.
    • Various tools. Our resin pouring kit provides you with various tools so that you can properly handle the base solution and colorants with ease. Inside the package, you’ll find plastic mixing cups, disposable gloves, diffuser sticks, and much, much more.

    Join the Just Resin community today by purchasing our handpicked resin making kit. Start crafting now and tag us on social media with pictures of your work! 


    How to choose the best resin making kit? 

    Finding the best resin making kit can be challenging, especially if you don’t know what to look for. However, to ensure you’re getting a quality deal, consider the factors below when you’re shopping. 

    • Product amount. There’s nothing worse than using a bundle that doesn’t have enough supplies. With all the creative resin ideas in your head, you should invest in a kit that fuels multiple arts and crafts sessions. 
    • Adaptability. Unless you’re looking to hone in on one specific category in epoxy crafts, you should buy a resin making kit that can be used in varying projects. For instance, you should be searching for a set that serves as both a casting resin kit and a resin painting kit. 
    • Cohesiveness. The main selling factor of a kit should be the fact that all its parts are compatible with one another. Don’t just settle for a package with randomly compiled items—choose a kit that gives you a cohesive end product. 

    Get a resin kit that ticks all these crucial factors in our online shop. Experience the future of epoxy by shopping at Just Resin. 

    What are the different uses of resins?

    There are countless applications for our brand of epoxy resin. Go through the list below and perhaps get some inspiration for your next project.

    • Fashionable ornaments. Create fashionable ornaments in the form of rings, pendants, and bracelets. Once the resin has cured, you can wrap the stylish piece and gift it to the men, women, and kids in your life.
    • Vibrant coasters. Tired of looking at your plain coffee table? Well, you can spice up the aesthetic atmosphere by making vibrant coasters for cups and mugs. Experiment with opaque and translucent mixtures to see what will work best for your living room. 
    • General woodworking. Complete the look of your homemade tables, chairs, and shelves with epoxy resin. Utilize this adhesive solution as a layer that will provide shine and water-resistant properties. 

    Discover new creative heights with a resin making kit from our online shop. Visit Just Resin today to get your hands on resin accessories and resin supplies at competitive prices!