Epoxy Resin Colors

Epoxy Resin Colors

If you are looking for a simple way to enhance your project, then vibrant epoxy resin colors are what you need. With colorful pigment pastes at competitively priced rates, you can infuse personality and life into items you want to craft or surfaces you wish to coat.

Just Resin has an extensive array of epoxy colors you can choose from. Whether you want basic pastel pigments for UV resin jewelry or deep galaxy dyes that work well with glitter additives—the readily available options on our online shop will surely level up even the best epoxy resin.

In the process of applying a clear epoxy coat to your kitchen counter? If that’s the case, then you can add our tint powder into the two-part epoxy mix and perhaps even match the color of your countertop with the paint on your walls. This way, you will not only protect the table’s surface from water stains, but also have a dazzling living space you can be proud of. 

On the other hand, if you want to focus on an art project rather than home improvement, you can use our craft epoxy resin and then pair it with any of our premium epoxy resin colors. With this, you can immortalize any type of flower in a subtly colored transparent coating or maybe even make an opaque cup coaster with metallic tones that stand out. 

The possibilities are endless when you utilize the epoxy colors and craft supplies at Just Resin. Both experts and newbies in the hobby can order from our one-stop shop. In fact, our starter kits are a great product offering if you don’t know what to get yet or if you just want to restock on essential items that will help you make stunning masterpieces. 

Shop now at Just Resin to find the right pigment options for epoxy and much, much more. Invest in our products today and enjoy quality like no other. 

How to choose the right color for your epoxy resin? 

Choosing epoxy resin colors for your next project can be quite challenging as there are a number of factors to consider. However, listed below are some basic tips that will make it easier for you to buy the perfect epoxy resin color for your unique needs. 

  • Keep your overall goal in mind. Before you choose a specific color at Just Resin, think about what you want to make first. For example, you may want to make jewelry that can glow even in the darkest rooms. This would mean that you should buy our glow-in-the-dark pigment powders.
  • Don’t be afraid to mix and match. When it comes to colored epoxy resin, sometimes more variants will give you better results. Mixing and matching hues for decorative ornaments can result in intricate designs that will surely leave your clients or loved ones amazed. You can even create your own custom colors by mixing and matching. The possibilities are endless, so get creative and have fun!
  • Compare and contrast side by side. One of the best ways to narrow down your resin color pigment choices is to view them side by side. You can refer to the Color Guide on the Just Resin online shop to pick an option after comparing and contrasting. 
  • Consider the project you are working on. Acrylic inks can be mixed with acrylic art. Some powders can be used for nail lacquer. Different types of pigments have different compatibilities. The type of project you are working on should be one of your top considerations when choosing a resin color.

    Invest in Just Resin now and enjoy products made by art enthusiasts just like you. Be part of our community and submit a testimonial to let others know what you think about our products. 

    How to add color to epoxy resin? 

    Whether they are in powder or liquid form, adding any of our epoxy resin colors to your work is oh so easy. All you have to do is follow the simple instructions listed below to complete the look of your project. 

    1. Start by preparing the necessary equipment on a sturdy table—preferably in a well-ventilated area. This equipment involves materials such as gloves, containers, disposable stirring sticks, and others. 
    2. Carefully measure out Part A (resin) and Part B (hardener) based on the provided directions. Take note that ratios would vary depending on the type of resin you bought. 
    3. Apply the pigment for resin in the container with Part A. Make sure to incorporate the color all throughout the solvent so that there is one even shade. Note there is a 10% pigment loading recommendation.
    4. Agitate and stir each solution to activate the chemicals inside. Afterward, place Part A and Part B into a larger container and then mix for three minutes.
    5. Once mixed, you have successfully added color to epoxy resin.

    Keep in mind that epoxy resin colors are added to Part A beforehand as the curing process begins once both solutions combine. Adding the pigment for epoxy resin at a later point in the process would lead to uneven color distribution and less time to work with the active mixture. 

    For more information about pigments and general epoxy tips, check out the guides on our online shop. 

    How much color do you add to epoxy resin?

    While there are precise measurements for Part A (resin) and Part B (hardener), the same cannot be said about epoxy resin colors. This is because the richness or deepness of the color would ultimately depend on your preference and what would work best for your project. 

    For best results, we suggest staying below the ratio of 10% (tint to resin). Be sure to add a little bit of color at a time, until you reach your desired color.

    If you are making paint pouring art, then more often than not, you would want more drops of liquid ink or more sprinkles of pigment powder. On the other hand, if you’re looking to coat flooring in your house, then a small amount of epoxy resin color would go a long way. With this, be sure to test the colors in a trial container with small amounts of Part A and Part B to know how much you should use.

    In addition, it is important to mention that high heat levels, long exposure to UV rays, and harsh cleaning solutions like rubbing alcohol are factors that could affect the quality of your resin. For that reason, we recommend that you store your work in cool, dark areas and only clean them with warm soapy water. 

    Now that you are more knowledgeable about colored epoxy resin, all that’s left to do is get creating! Choose Just Resin as your dedicated vendor and enjoy more than just quality products and fast shipping.