Best Epoxy Resin

Best Epoxy Resin

When it comes to the best epoxy resin on the market, Just Resin is dedicated to bringing you an option that is both easily procurable and competitively priced. This means that no matter where you are in the world, our expert team is ready to help you make stunning pieces from great-value products. 

At Just Resin, you can always count on an extensive catalog with various supplies and accessories. For instance, we have user-friendly starter kits if you want to jump smack-dab into this exciting hobby. With this art resin kit, you won’t even have to go through the process of picking out materials. Instead, all you need to do is order, mix, cure—and you’re done! 

However, if you want to take your time when browsing our offers, you can check out our homepage for all of our product categories. Here, you can find our two-part epoxy with maximum durability and vibrant pigment pastes for added personality. 

You may already have a bunch of questions, concerns, and resin ideas in mind. If our FAQs don’t have the answers you are looking for, then simply reach out to our expert team of artists. 

You are more than welcome to email or send a message using the “Contact Us” form on our website. We’ll be sure to give you a response as soon as possible so that you can quickly make an informed purchase or go back to the project you are currently working on. 

Join the growing community here at Just Resin to discover quality services and products you’ve never encountered before. Buy some of the best epoxy resin available on the web and create nothing short of amazing. 

What is epoxy resin? 

Before you continue navigating through our online shop to invest in liquid resin for crafts, it is important to understand the basics of the material first. 

Essentially, epoxy resin is a clear formula that can be used to bond materials together. There are many types of resin, and all of them have varying purposes. Some resins are ideal for river tables, some are more ideal for homeware, some are best for jewelry, and some are great for all of the above. 

To show you just how versatile this material is, we have listed some of the other ways you can use resin epoxy. 

  • Coasters. Why stick with generic mug coasters from souvenir shops when you can craft a personalized version that will surely be the center of attention? Create your own mold, or use a pre-made one.
  • Holder for supplies. Organize your office with a holder that is aesthetically pleasing. Simply mix our casting resin, leave it to cure, then enjoy a hard and sturdy holder that stores work materials like ballpoint pens.
  • Cabinet door inserts. If you’re looking for a way to brighten up your kitchen cabinets, epoxy resin is the perfect solution. Add a cast resin insert to your doors, and you’ll have a unique and customized look.

How to choose the best epoxy resin? 

Not all epoxy resin products are made the same. Finding the right mixture for your project can be tricky, but with the following points of interest in mind, you can ensure that you are getting the best epoxy resin:

  • Heat tolerance. High heat temperatures and UV rays from the sun are some of resin’s worst enemies. This is why it is important to buy premium solutions that are less likely to degrade and leave you with a yellowing color after long exposure to these factors. 
  • Easy mixing. If you are new to working with epoxy resins, look for products that are easy to mix. This will make the whole process a lot less daunting and give you better results.
  • Proper viscosity. Get epoxy resin with a thickness level that matches your project. If you want to know more about high viscosity (HV) and low viscosity (LV), check out the guides and Project Compatibility Chart on the Just Resin website.

What are the advantages of using epoxy resin?

There are a number of reasons why artists and craftsmen all around the world are using epoxy resin. Listed below are some of the advantages you can expect from the best epoxy resin. 

  • Water resistance. Once cured, epoxy resin can keep an item safe and dry. This is why you commonly see resin-coated tables and countertops in kitchens and bathrooms. 
  • Aversion to moisture. Since epoxy resin is non-porous, it will not absorb spills or moisture like other materials. This makes it ideal for areas that are prone to spills, such as kitchens and bathrooms.
  • Aesthetics. The number one benefit of epoxy resin is it is beautiful to look at, which is why it is an art form. It is also appealing to those without “traditional” art skills such as drawing or painting. Epoxy resin gives you the power to aesthetically create or enhance just about anything. From art pieces to fashionable jewelry, this material can definitely make heads turn. 
  • Durability. Not only are resin products aesthetically pleasing, but they are also incredibly durable. Encapsulating something in resin allows you to preserve it for a long time.

With just these benefits alone, why wouldn’t you want to explore the possibilities epoxy resin offers? There are so many things to make with epoxy resin. Place an order now at the Just Resin online shop, then have the time of your life molding, mixing, and curing!