Resin for Wood Table

Resin for Wood Table

If you have been searching for a creative way to breathe life into your home’s overall appearance, then our quality resin for wood tables is what you are looking for. At Just Resin, we have more than just furniture coating solutions; we have a great selection of professional art supplies used in a number of different ways. 

With us, you will get products like polyurethane resin perfect for a personal or commercial tabletop, UV resin jewelry for creatives who are interested in fashion, and pigment pastes that you can use to embed color into all kinds of resin. 

When you load up our online platform, you will be able to find everything you need for your next project. This is because we have made it our mission to send out premium resin products to people all across the globe. 

Whether you are a crafty Australian using resin for a river table or timber table or perhaps an imaginative American who uses craft epoxy resin to immortalize natural material like flowers—our advanced options here at Just Resin will definitely leave you satisfied. 

New to the world of epoxy and resin? Don’t worry, our expert team has created beginner-friendly starter kits. This way, you can avoid feeling overwhelmed and jump straight into the exciting experience with all the products you need. 

We have liquid silicone for crafts resin kits if you would like to make several intricate trinkets for your loved ones and DIY resin molds if you are looking to enhance your space with the unique creations you will make. Stay tuned for our updates as our silicone molds will be available soon.

Check us out online now to see all of the affordable yet high-quality resin art supplies we offer. Browse through our collection today and choose products that will best meet your needs. 

What resin do I use for a wooden table? 

Not all types of resin are the same, which is why some people find it daunting to get into the resin arts and crafts scene. However, through the Just Resin online platform, you can easily find the right kind of product for your project. 

If you are looking to use glossy resin for a wood river table, then here are the offerings you can choose from at Just Resin:

Void fillers

Keep an eye out as the JR online store will soon carry our premium RiverPour option. This product will allow you to fill up both large and small natural baseboard holes on a DIY river table so that you can encapsulate the intricate details of the wood.

Tabletop coats 

There are two options for river tabletop coats. For a simple pour and walk method, our DiamondCote resin option is the way to go. As for the sand and polish method, RiverPour is still a reliable option you can use.

For more information about our resin types, please refer to our Project Compatibility Chart. Here, you will see details regarding viscosity, pouring depth, and sanding capability. 

To use resin for wood tables effectively, navigate through our website to utilize our other free tools. Aside from a chart that shows you if your resin is compatible with your project type, we also provide a JR Art Resin Calculator so that you can get an estimate as to how many liters or ounces you should be buying. 

Shop online now at Just Resin to complete your DIY epoxy table! 

What are the benefits of resin tabletops? 

There are a myriad of benefits when you use a resin wood table. Here are some benefits you can gain after the full curing process: 

  • Durability. Using resin for a wood table makes it extra durable as it prevents corrosion of the timber. As a result, your table will last longer and appear vibrant with pigments for years to come.
  • Water-resistant properties. A wooden table with resin is built to last since it is resistant to water. This benefit allows you to clean the surface easier when there are spills and makes it so you won’t have to worry about liquid ruining the quality of the wood. 
  • Aesthetics. A resin pour table lets you stain or tint the transparent layer with colorful dyes. In turn, a wonderful design is seen in the finishing. You can also stain the timber and apply clear resin over the top to add depth.

Buy our quality products today and finally create that resin coffee table you’ve been wanting. Join the Just Resin community now and share your resin art tabletop by tagging us on social media.  

How to maintain a resin tabletop?

Maintaining clear resin for wood is an easy task—you don’t even need to have highly technical skills to do so. Here are some simple tips you could take note of to keep the resin for wood table looking brand new:

  • Buff instead of scrub. If you often use your resin tabletop to eat, then food crumbs will most likely fall on the table’s surface. Instead of scrubbing or scratching the debris off, just lightly buff or wipe it away with a soft towel to prevent scratches.
  • Use soap and water. While it might be tempting to remove oil and dirt from the resin using rubbing alcohol, we recommend that you steer clear from this cleaning solution as it could create a dull finish to the epoxy. 
  • Avoid steam clean solutions. The moisture and heat coming from a steamer could tamper with the quality of your resin tabletop—even if it’s completely cured. To maintain your resin’s pristine look without the risk of discoloration, use a soft piece of cloth, soap, and lukewarm water when cleaning.

If you follow the above-mentioned tips, your resin wood table will last for a long time. 

Now it’s time to place your order on our website. Simply click on the products you want to try out, pay for them at checkout, and then have our speedy delivery partners send your package over to your front door. 

Choose Just Resin today and explore endless crafting possibilities!