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    Resin Art Starter Kit - Classic

    Crafts Resin Kits

    Take your creativity to the next level by investing in our crafts resin kits. Create stunning masterpieces in the comfort of your own home or in your professional studio by simply purchasing an all-around DIY resin kit suitable for just about any project. Instead of going back to your acrylic paints, brush pens, and graphite pencils, perhaps you should consider a whole other side of art you have yet to experience. 

    Here at Just Resin, our expert team of artists wholeheartedly believes that you should get to know craft epoxy resin as a multifaceted medium. For that reason, we have spent years building an intuitive online shop that lets you order all the essential epoxy craft supplies and accessories in a convenient manner.

    From a transparent polyurethane resin mixture perfect for wood homeware to quality pigment pastes in a spectrum of colors—our extensive product list will certainly cover your specific crafting preferences.

    We are incredibly passionate about our clear craft resin, so much so that we have done everything possible to showcase this wonderful material to the world. In fact, our expert team of artists has made it oh so easy for anyone to join the Just Resin community. All you have to do is browse through our categories and then buy one of our premium crafts resin kits. 

    Our online shop carries starter kits with basic items that allow you to fast-track your experience. This way, beginners can immediately work on a project without having to go through hours of research. Even seasoned crafters can utilize this set to restock on resin crafting supplies. 

    However, if you want to explore the intricacies of the hobby and buy resin products one by one, you can do that as well. Scroll through our catalog and find flexible DIY resin molds, quick curing solutions for UV resin jewelry, and much, much more. 

    Shop with us today to enjoy some of the best epoxy resin in the market along with exclusive online benefits. 

    What is included in a craft resin kit? 

    When you purchase crafts resin kits from our online shop, you will receive a variety of quality supplies. We have listed some of the included items below so you know what to expect when you open up your handpicked bundle. 

    • Multi-use epoxy. The main product you’ll find in our set is the liquid resin for crafts. This solution is great for making seasonal home decor or personalized earrings that look like miniature crystal balls.
    • Low viscosity inks. Utilize our low viscosity inks if you want to add a splash of color to the clear, glass appearance of epoxy resin. Make use of this colorant type if you want a translucent look or patterns with swirls. 
    • Colored pastes. If you want the resin surface to look more opaque, then you should use colored pastes as they are more concentrated than inks. With this colorant type, a small amount could cover an entire liter.
    • Various tools. Aside from the base resin and complementary colors, our crafts resin kits also equip you with tools like disposable gloves, mixing cups, and stirring sticks. These items will make the overall crafting and cleaning process significantly easier.

    Order a kit from Just Resin today and let your imagination soar! 

    How to choose the best craft resin kit? 

    With all the options available, finding the best craft resin kit for your needs can be quite tricky. Take into account the following factors to make an informed purchase. 

    • Completeness. No one wants a bundle with just a few products inside. For instance, if you are new to the hobby, you would want all the essentials at your disposal. On the other hand, if you’re an expert who ran out of stock, you would want all your supplies replenished. 
    • Versatility. Choose an option that allows you to work on multiple project types. A resin painting kit may be neat, but it will hinder you from discovering casting and molding. 
    • Value. As a rule of thumb, crafts resin kits bring great value when they have items that work well with each other. Invest in a competitively priced set that is greater than the sum of all its parts.  

    Shop now at Just Resin to receive a kit that is well-rounded, complete, and versatile. Try out one of our crafts resin kits today and come back to our online shop when you need a top-up. 

    How do I start resin crafting?

    Starting your first project is easy when you have one of our crafts resin kits. Just follow the steps below and effectively combine the items in your bundle. 

    1. Pour the epoxy resin mixture into one of the plastic cups we provide. Take note that you should also add in the appropriate amount of hardener if your kit’s instructions call for it. 
    2. Carefully add the inks or pigment pastes into the cup. Fully incorporate the colorant if you want a cohesive look or stir it halfway through if you want distinct swirl designs.
    3. Pour the tinted mixture into a mold or onto your desired surface. Store the project in a cool, dark room for drying. 

    Starting resin crafts is as easy as one-two-three! 

    Buy resin online from a trusted source—choose Just Resin today and have peace of mind knowing that you are getting nothing but premium products.