Polyurethane Resin

6 products

    6 products
    WaterCote - Polyurethane 8.5oz / 250ml by Just Resin | Epoxy Resin Art Supplies
    WaterCote - Polyurethane 8.5oz / 250ml
    WaterCote - Polyurethane 16.9oz / 500ml by Just Resin | Epoxy Resin Art Supplies
    WaterCote - Polyurethane 16.9oz / 500ml
    WaterCote - Polyurethane 0.26 Gal / 1L by Just Resin | Epoxy Resin Art Supplies
    WaterCote - Polyurethane 0.26 Gal / 1L
    WaterCote - Polyurethane 0.66gal / 2.5L by Just Resin | Epoxy Resin Art Supplies
    WaterCote - Polyurethane 0.66gal / 2.5L
    WaterCote - Polyurethane 1.32gal / 5L by Just Resin | Epoxy Resin Art Supplies
    WaterCote - Polyurethane 1.32gal / 5L
    WaterCote - Polyurethane 2.64gal / 10L by Just Resin | Epoxy Resin Art Supplies
    WaterCote - Polyurethane 2.64gal / 10L

    Polyurethane Resin

    There are countless materials that can be used to create art, one of them being polyurethane resin. This durable solution has been prevalent in the automotive and appliance industries for quite some time, but it is now seen as one of the most popular mediums for those who take an interest in crafts. 

    Instead of utilizing traditional art tools like acrylic paint, graphite pencils, and oil pastels, why not discover new possibilities with polyurethane resin? Through the Just Resin online shop, you can buy anything related to epoxy. This is because we aim to provide every hobbyist with resin supplies at competitive prices—regardless of where their home or studio is. 

    With us, you can browse by category and invest in supplies like high-quality pigment pastes, clear two-part epoxy, and vivid epoxy resin colors. We also encourage you to visit our online shop often as we’ll have a bunch of new products for sale. For instance, we’ll offer DIY resin molds soon that you can use to make your own jewelry and accessories. 

    Looking to hone your skills in casting resin first before trying polyurethane resin? Just Resin gives you an option to skip the product selection process if you’re overwhelmed by all the choices available to you. 

    Our expert team of artists has made premium starter kits to make it easier for you to get into the hobby. This way, you can simply buy our art resin kit or resin making kit, unpack all the materials inside, then create molds and tinted trinkets in no time. Afterward, you can try out some coating projects with our polyurethane resin and see which product you like better. Polyurethane resin is best for projects that you want to be extra durable and scratch-resistant.

    Shop online now at Just Resin and enjoy versatile items like polyurethane resin. Check us out today and learn more about what we have to offer. 

    What is polyurethane resin? 

    Before you start working with our polyurethane resin, it helps to understand its chemical makeup and properties first. 

    Essentially, polyurethane resin is made out of isocyanate and polyol compounds—making it one of the strongest adhesives. It is a flexible type of resin that has high viscosity and becomes extremely rigid once cured, making it perfect for a variety of applications.

    However, to better understand its use for art and home improvement, here’s how you can create an assortment of neat items by using polyurethane. 

    1. Prep all the materials needed to complete your project. To encourage a smooth workflow, place plastic cups, mixing sticks, and resin additives like pigment powder on your table. 
    2. In a large plastic cup, carefully pour out the clear mixture. Take note the liquid has low viscosity, so handling it may take some time. 
    3. Incorporate your additives of choice (powder pigments or acrylic inks) in the one-part mixture. Doing this will give an added layer of personalization to your work.
    4. Use a mixing stick as a diffuser and stir the solution. Scrape the sides to ensure that there is one even color.
    5. Pour the active mixture onto your desired surface. Before curing, make sure that there is an even coating and no visible air bubbles.
    6. Once fully cured, admire your handiwork and display it for everyone to see. Take pictures and tag Just Resin on Facebook or Instagram so other members can get inspired.

    With just a few steps, you can create a masterpiece made out of some of the best polyurethane resin in the market. 

    What are the advantages of polyurethane resin? 

    Polyurethane resin boasts multiple advantages for arts and crafts. Listed below are what you can expect when working with this special material.

    • Heat tolerance. After the curing process, polyurethane resin reacts better to heat than regular epoxy resin. With this, you can worry less about your art pieces degrading in a hot environment.
    • Water resistance. Once you have successfully covered surfaces with a polyurethane resin mixture, it becomes water-resistant. That is why this resin variant is often used for tabletops and flooring.
    • Less shrinkage. If you want to coat an item perfectly, then you should utilize polyurethane resin as it shrinks less after being cured. This ultimately means that it will take on the shape of the surface that it is applied to, with fewer wrinkles or bubbles. 

    Invest in Just Resin today to enjoy all the types of resin we have to offer. Shop now and have fun crafting! 

    What are the applications of polyurethane resin?

    Polyurethane resin is a great choice for projects that require a harder and more durable surface. Here are two of its popular applications:

    Art coating

    Given that polyurethane resin provides you with a durable and long-lasting coating, it’s no surprise that it’s often used by artists. You can easily apply this viscous liquid to a variety of surfaces, including canvas, wood, and metal.

    Furniture and homeware coating

    Polyurethane resin is suitable for indoor and outdoor furniture. Apply one or several coats to experience the benefits of this non-yellowing and UV stable solution. The best part is that our WaterCote polyurethane resin can be used for food-related items like coasters and serving plates. Just avoid using it for cutting boards as the sharp blade could damage the cured surface. 

    Fuel your arts and crafts sessions with the products at Just Resin. Order from us today and enjoy a quick international shipping option.