Epoxy Colors

Epoxy Colors

If you are in need of a fast and easy way to strengthen your project’s overall look, then epoxy colors are what you should be investing in. With reasonably priced pigment pastes from Just Resin, your personality will surely shine through your arts and crafts.

Here at Just Resin, you can find a wide selection of quality epoxy resin colors. From neon color variations that glow in the dark all the way to metallic tones perfect for UV resin jewelry—you will have access to just the right products for all your resin ideas

Coating your living room table’s wooden surface? If so, then you may want to consider adding a hint of color with our pigments. Mix some of our lustrous, vivid powder into the clear polyurethane resin and then pour it evenly on the table. With this, not only will the wood be protected from water stains, but the surface will also look more aesthetically pleasing. 

However, if you would rather see what epoxy colors can do for your art, then you can order our craft epoxy resin along with our glitter additives and pigments for epoxy. This way, you can make a DIY opaque penholder with sparkles that glimmer or perhaps even place a white rose in a mold and fill it with our transparent solution mixed with pigments for resin. 

Whether you are a professional artist working in a studio or a casual hobbyist having fun at home—you can let your creative mind run free with our premium pigment pastes. In fact, Just Resin offers starter kits as a complete option for people learning more about this side of crafts or for those who simply need more essential supplies and accessories. 

Navigate through the Just Resin online shop and start tinting epoxy resin today. Join us now and experience quality unlike any other with our products. 

Can epoxy be colored? 

While epoxy resin typically comes in a clear transparent liquid, it can be colored through a simple process with a number of easy-to-use products. When you buy any pigment option from Just Resin, you can rest assured that it won’t affect the casting and curing stages. It will only add full or partial color tones depending on the type of variant you bought and how much you mixed in. 

Here are some more examples of projects that use epoxy colors. Take note of them for a better understanding of epoxy pigments and maybe even get some inspiration for your next masterpiece.

  • Stylish jewelry. Turn heads and make people wonder where you got that colorful bracelet, pendant, or earring. Confidently tell them that you made it yourself and that it’s a one-of-a-kind fashion statement that can’t be bought in retail stores.
  • Sturdy paperweight. Plain white tables can make the room feel dull. Brighten up the mood by making a vibrant paperweight with unique designs from epoxy colors. This way, you can keep files organized while appreciating your handiwork. 
  • Resin pouring art. Make intricate epoxy resin color patterns by pouring various mixtures over one another. Display your work of art wherever and let it be a conversation piece when guests come over to visit. 

To compare and contrast our pigments at Just Resin, utilize our color guide where you can download, print, and tick the list. 

What can I use to color epoxy resin? 

When you browse through the categories on the Just Resin online shop, you will see different types of products for tinting resin. Read through the guide below and find which option works best for your needs. 

  • Pigment powders. If you want a bold and shiny look, then pigment powders should be your go-to choice. These epoxy pigments generally give your work a more lustrous appearance, with some variants even having glow-in-the-dark properties.
  • Pigment pastes. More viscous and concentrated in nature, pigment pastes are a great option for just about any epoxy resin project. Choose from a wide range of paste types (metallic, fluro, transparent, etc.) and see which one you prefer. You can even buy full pre-chosen sets to try out more options at once. 
  • Glitters. Unlike the other epoxy colors, glitters give pops of color rather than a cohesive spread. This is because they reflect the light that bounces off them—making them look like stars in a night sky.
  • Inks. The main aspect that makes inks stand out is their fluid, water-like form. This allows you to easily drop and stir in different kinds of inks for all sorts of effects. For instance, you can use Basic Inks for an opaque look and Candy Inks for more depth. 
  • Acrylic paint. Using acrylic paint as a pigment is another option. Just make sure the paint is compatible with the resin. Note that a high water content may cause curing issues, so ensure that your mixture contains no more than 10% paint.

Experiment with the epoxy colors available at Just Resin and don’t be afraid to combine two or more types. 

How to use colored epoxy resin on wood?

As mentioned, you can effortlessly use epoxy color on a surface like wood. Follow the instructions below to apply a pigment for epoxy resin on a countertop or perhaps on a wooden art project. 

  1. Wear gloves and other protective clothing to avoid accidental stains. Keep cleaning items like rubbing alcohol nearby in case the resin base or epoxy colors get on unwanted surfaces.
  2. If you’re using two-part epoxy, pour Part A (resin) and Part B (hardener) in separate containers. The ratio would vary from product to product, so make sure to consult the included instructions.
  3. Drop in the epoxy colors in the container with Part A. Stir the mixture until you reach your desired shade or swirl pattern. 
  4. In the same way, agitate and stir Part B to activate the chemicals inside. Afterward, pour both parts into a larger container, then stir for three minutes. 
  5. Use the colored epoxy resin immediately for your project. Place it in a mold with wood, or pour it out freehand for a more rustic design. 

Now that you know how easy pigmenting resin is, give it a try on your own! Purchase your supplies from Just Resin today and benefit from products that won’t fade over time.