Silver - Glass Glitter - Super Shard

Packed in 50gram / 1.7oz Bags
Grain Size : Super Shard 40 Grit

The Original Glass Glitter imported from Europe. Painted glass that is bound to give your project a stunning sparkle & shine!

This finely ground coloured glass is silver coated for extra glitz!
When exposed to air, over time a beautiful patina ages the silver, to give an authentic vintage glass glitter look.

Create Greeting Cards, add to your Scrap booking and make your Ornaments sparkle!
Sprinkle on top of tacky epoxy resin – Perfect for adding extra bling to your Geode inspired projects.

How is the glitter glass made?
The process begins with coating a thin substrate of glass with pure silver. The glass is then fired at high temperatures, and coated in pigments. Followed by additional firings and coats of silver.
After the glitter glass has cooled, it is then ground into different grits, ranging from super fine to super shard.

Keep Out of Reach of Children
Fine glass, wear protection if required, and treat with care.
This product is not solvent resistant – mixing into some mediums can alter the colour of the glass and cause the pigment to bleed
Under extreme heat the patina effect can be accelerated

Produced in Germany in small batches, by fine art glass glitter artisans.

Technical Data Sheet


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