RiverPour 2:1 Epoxy Resin - 6kg Kit

RiverPour 2:1 Epoxy Resin - 6kg Kit

RiverPour Epoxy Resin

RiverPour is a Low Viscosity Epoxy Resin system, designed for casting and encapsulation for River Tables, and other creative applications.  This product has been designed for medium (3kg) to large (40kg+) castings, with a very low exothermic reaction, excellent HALS UV stability and Just Resin’s high optical clarity technology.

RiverPour has an easy mixing ratio of 2:1 by weight, making it ideal for large single pours. A single clear pour of 50mm deep with a total weight of 4kg can be achieved at 25ºC without any fans or other temperature lowering assistance.

RiverPour can be used in warmer climates due to its very long pot life. RiverPour is best tinted with Just Resin Pigment Pastes, Mica Powders, Chameleons, Glitters, and Inks.



  • Easy to measure ratio 2:1 by weight
  • Very long Pot life : >4 hours
  • Touch dry / Demould : >36 hrs
  • Full cure : 7-10 days
  • Great Hardness once cured - 78-82 Shore D at 20ºC
  • Self-leveling
  • Excellent air release properties
  • Very high clarity
  • High gloss
  • UV Stable
  • Low in VOC’s
  • Low Viscosity
  • Very Low Exothermic Reaction


Total weight of product

Single Pour Depth

Cure time

Curing Temperature

4 kilograms


20 hours


2 kilograms


26 hours


Why is RiverPour sold in kilograms, and its conversion to litres.
When measuring both small and large amounts of epoxy resin, it can often be much easier to simply weigh Part A & B on a set of scales in the same mixing vessel, as calibrated measuring cups can be limited in size and not always readily available.

The Just Resin team, have been creating all sized castings for many years, and we struggled when it came to 20+ litre pours, as calibrated vessels are hard to come by for this volume of epoxy. We found ourselves converting the volume to weight and measured on a set of scales. As RiverPour is purposely designed for River Tables and other large casting applications, it was a must that we formulated this system to be measured by weight, for pure ease of use.

We know most Resin Casting kits are usually available in litres, and this can make it tricky to compare between price per litre and price per kilogram.

We went ahead and did the conversion for you, making it easier for you to compare with other products on the market, see below:

6kg = $44.08 per Litre (standard pricing)


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