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DiamondCote 1:1 Epoxy Resin - 2.64 Gal / 10L Kit


A Premium Epoxy Resin System of High Viscosity, designed for coating and creative applications.  

An easy to measure 1:1 ratio self-levelling product, with excellent air release properties, is UV Stable, low in VOC’s and in odour.

This product has been designed to add a diamond-like finish to your resin art, acrylic pours, mosaics, photographs, prints, timber surfaces, sculptures, and more. Can be applied by pouring, brushing on, or with a roller to substrates such as Art Boards, MDF, acrylic sheet, concrete, metal, wood and more.

DiamondCote can be used as a clear topcoat on your artistic projects, and can also be tinted with JustResin Pigment Pastes, Powders, Glitters and Inks.

Heat not essential for top coats to remove air bubbles (although heat can be applied, should you wish).

Typical Applications
- Small artworks
- Large multi-layer artworks
- Tumbler / cup turning
- Resin Art clear top coats
- Lacing / cells / waves for ocean inspired art
- Geode inspired artwork
- Doming on timber, polymer clay, badges etc
- Mixed media art top coats, including acrylic pours
- Coating handles of charcuterie boards
- Coating mdf coasters



1:1 by volume


1 part Resin Part A : 1 part Hardener Part B


For 3 minutes, or until combined, scraping sides and bottom of vessel

Work time / Pot Life

up to 70 mins


2 hours

Touch dry

12 - 24 hours

Full cure

7 days



Shore D

78 - 82

Heat resistance

up to 50 degrees Celsius ‚Äď suitable for coffee cups

Proudly Made in Australia, with USA raw materials

We manufacture several epoxy resins with varying characteristics; view our Project Helper for guidance in deciding which system is most suitable to your application.

Technical Data Sheet
Safety Data Sheet - Part A
Safety Data Sheet - Part B


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