ARC - Water Based Casting Resin - 1.75kg Kit

ARC - Water Based Casting Resin - 1.75kg Kit

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Just Resin's very own eco resin / gypsum resin / acrylic resin is here!

ARC - is an eco casting compound that is supplied in two components, a mineral powder base & a water-based acrylic liquid. Once the two are mixed together, a whole new exciting world of casting begins! With a working time of approx. 20 mins, you will be demolding your projects in 35-40 mins - its so much fun, and its addictive.  

The possibilities are endless, and so quick to create.
DIY home décor items, coasters, trays, sculptures, artistry castings, jewellery, and the well loved terrazzo effect castings can all be created with ARC.

ARC is best tinted with ARC Pigments, and can also be tinted with high concentrated plaster inks or powders.

Rest assured, you can have ARC at all times, as we don't like having our products go out of stock.

A few fun facts to allow you to become more familiar with ARC :
◾️ ARC the name, is derived from what the product actually is, an Acrylic Resin Composite
◾️ It sets silky smooth with a satin finish

◾️ Once fully cured, its extremely hard wearing
◾️ Easily create vibrant castings with ARC Pigments

Best of all, ARC is proudly Australian Made!




2.5 to 1 by weight


2.5 parts Mineral Powder Base : 1 part Water Based Acrylic 


Weigh 2.5 parts of the powder base, and incorporate approximately 80% of the liquid required. Begin to mix the two together, and it will form a thick paste, continue mixing until paste in uniform and free of clumps, then add the balance liquid, mix until uniform. Mixing by hand with a popsicle stick, whisk or with a drill mixer attachment are suitable. 


For fabulously vibrant castings, ARC is best tinted with ARC Pigments. Start with a couple of drops, and increase as desired, making sure not to exceed a 2% ratio to total mixed weight.

Work time / Pot Life

20mins at 25c


35 - 40 mins. Keeping in mind that some coloured pigments will contribute to a longer set time, along with weather conditions, size of the casting and type of molds (i.e., enclosed mold).


ARC cures to a white/off white satin finish, and can be sanded & sealed if required.

Full cure

6 - 8 days


ARC is a little more forgiving then an epoxy resin when it comes to ratio, whilst this product is designed to be used at a 2.5:1 ratio, the Mineral Powder Base component can be increased from 2.5:1, up to a 3:1 ratio. By doing so, you can achieve a thicker medium, reduced demold time, and increased hardness.

To learn more about working with ARC, view the Complete User Guide & Technical Data Sheet.


User Guide

Technical Data Sheet

Safety Data Sheet - Powder Base

Safety Data Sheet - Acrylic Liquid

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