We have a large range of pigments, with varying effects!

Here we have outlined the main characteristics of each type of Pigment that we offer



An alternative to powders, where you do not have to worry about the dust, and mixes into your resin effortlessly
Only a tiny amount required to tint your resin (they are highly pigmented!), slowly increase till you reach your desired opacity. 
Do not exceed more than a 10% pigment to resin ratio. Stir before use.


Luster Pigment Pastes - Just like our powders, our Mica based Luster Pastes will give your project a sparkly effect

Metallic Pigment Pastes - Made from our Metallic powders, the pigment will rise and float to the surface of your work

Basic Pigment Pastes - Great base colours, some opaque, some transparent
Fluorescent Pigment Pastes - A super bright fluorescent look


Acrylic Based inks, suitable for the use in epoxy resin, acrylic resin / acrylic pouring medium and acrylic paints.
Can also be used to tint your slime creations!
Add a couple of drops, and increase until you reach your desired opacity.

Do not exceed more than a 10% pigment to resin ratio. Shake before use.


Basic Inks - Are great for both transparent & opaque effects, add a drop of white or black to intensify the opacity

Metallic Inks - Adds a soft metallic look

Fluorescent Inks - A bright fluorescent look

Candy Inks - Highly Pigmented Transparent Inks - Great for multi layered pieces



Careful when handling, do not breathe in dust
Our Pigment Powders are suitable for use with all types of Resins, Paints, Nail Lacquers, and Artwork applications
Do not exceed more than a 20% pigment to resin ratio.


Luster Pigment Powders – Our Mica Pigments will give your work a sparkly effect

Metallic Pigment Powders - Super Fine Powders, that are leafing quality, and will float to the to the surface of your work
Glow Pigment Powders - Make your projects Glow! Our Glow Pigments absorb energy via UV Rays & Ambient Lighting and then releases that energy as a Glow effect

Interference Pigment Powders - Make your projects colour shift! For an intense/dramatic effect, apply over a black or dark base, for a subtle colour shifting effect, apply over a white base 

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